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Sean Davids [BSc (Hons), MSc], Senior Geologist

“The upstream petroleum industry in South Africa is growing and needs vibrant young professionals.”

Sean was awarded a UTT bursary to complete his post-graduate studies [(BSc Hons and MSc] at the University of the Western Cape from 2000 until 2002. Since 2003 he has been employed by the Petroleum Agency SA, firstly as an intern geologist, then a geologist, and currently senior geologist.

We asked him a few questions:

What does your work involve?

As a petroleum geologist, I map and interpret petroleum datasets, for example seismic lines, wells and gravity data. This interpretation assists our understanding of the offshore geology and is used to identify petroleum potential in South Africa. Part of my work also includes assisting at corporate social responsibility events. These events target scholars, graduates and the general public. Their aim is to promote science and mathematics, and specifically geology, as a career.

Was it easy to get the UTT bursary?

It was relatively easy to obtain this bursary because my field is highly specialised.

How do you view the future of your field?

Petroleum or “black gold” is the backbone of our society. The world has become dependent on fossil fuel and finding this resource is essential and strategic to economies.

Do you have any tips or advice for students wishing to enter this field?

Work hard and stay positive. Be proactive and prepared to get your hands dirty.

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