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Upstream Training Trust

Petroleum Industry

“Upstream” refers to the exploration, development and production phases of the petroleum industry, that is the phases prior to the refining of produced natural oil or gas. The term therefore includes seismic surveying, exploration (drilling) and production.

There is significant potential for oil and gas finds in South Africa, with foreign and local companies showing interest in exploring the country’s coastline.

Over the past 10 years more than $1 billion has been spent on oil and gas exploration in South Africa and more than 10 companies have been granted exploration licences.

Skills shortage

Technical skills in the petroleum and petrochemicals industry, across the spectrum from geology to economics, are in short supply the world over. The UTT believes that only by starting to stimulate an interest in, and knowledge of, science and technology at a young age, can the country effectively broaden the pool of young people who want to enroll for tertiary studies in these fields.
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