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Who can get funding?

If you have recently finished school, you need to be a South African resident conditionally accepted at a South African university or university of technology.

You need to have excelled in Maths, Science and English in your matric exams.

You need to pursue studies in natural science, engineering or technology which are relevant to the petroleum industry, such as geology, geophysics, physics/mathematics and/or mining, civil, mechanical or chemical engineering.


If you are a South African resident already registered at a South African university or university of technology in the above fields, you need to have a good academic record.

How do I get funding?

The UTT does not make grants directly to students, but to the educational institutions at which they are studying. These institutions then approach the UTT on behalf of the student.

Students are encouraged to contact the financial aid office of their university for further details and obtain a bursary application form from them OR click below for the application form.

What is the size of the bursary?

At present a maximum of R60 000 may be awarded per student per year. This amount may vary according to the financial status of UTT at any one time. The bursary covers:

  • Full tuition fees
  • A contribution to the cost of text books
  • The cost of three meals per day
  • A contribution to accommodation costs
  • Funds for approved excursions and trips

It excludes funds for pocket money or daily transport to and from the place of study.

What are the conditions of the bursary?

These are explained in the UTT Rules and Regulations document (see relevant documents below) and enforced through the UTT bursaries agreement signed by UTT and the bursary-holder.

Can I download the necessary forms?

  UTT Bursary Application Form    PDF/70KB) 
  UTT Bursaries Agreement   (PDF/48KB)
  UTT Rules and Regulations   (PDF/56KB)

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